Four Steps to a Healthy, Energy Efficient Home

1. Heating & Air Conditioning Upgrade

50% of all central air conditioners in U.S. homes never perform to their advertised capacity and efficiency due to incorrect installation! Gills service & repair programs can fix initial installation issues.

If your HVAC system is more than ten years old, upgrade! A new ENERGY STAR system can bring up to a 20% savings on heating & cooling costs.

Indoor Airman is an authorized dealer for American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning. Over 130 years of quality, efficiency, reliability & history makes American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning the brand to turn to for all your heating, cooling & air quality products. American Standard has been ranked highest in overall dealer satisfaction 4 times.

By choosing American Standard as our brand of choice, we bring the top of the line, top energy efficient products to you. Take advantage of tax credits & rebates for your HVAC upgrade.


2. Weatherize Your Home with Improved Insulation

From insulation, duct sealing and air sealing, from Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® to replacing old leaky windows, we are a top tier trade ally with Energy Trust of Oregon.

We are certified Home Performance specialists who are trained to look at your whole home as system. We will check for weatherization needs, moisture concerns, pest residue issues and bring to your attention anything that may be cause for concern.

There are cash incentives to help you pay for weatherization in your home.


3. Eliminate Energy Leakage by Sealing Air Leaks

Testing and sealing your ductwork can trim your energy costs, make your home more comfortable and reduce indoor air pollution.

Take advantage of current tax credits & rebates that can result in up to 75% savings on your repair costs.

We are NADCA certified duct cleaners; certified to clean duct work in residential, commercial medical and industrial facilities.

  1. Rebates For Performance Testing Guaranteed
  2. Save Money
  3. Save Energy


4. Clean Air Ducts = Improved Comfort & Air Quality

Eliminate dirt, dust, moisture, pollen, pest, and fumes that can cause or irritate allergies.


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