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What rebates are available waiting for you?


Electric and gas heated homes:
  • Attic/ceiling: up to $0.63 per square foot
  • Floor: up to $0.56 per square foot
  • Rim joist: up to $0.56 per square foot
  • Wall: up to $0.63 per square foot
  • Knee wall: up to $0.63 per square foot
  • Duct insulation: 25% percent of cost, up to $250.00
  • Air sealing: 25% percent of cost, up to $150.00

Attic Insulation

Many older homes insulation levels are simply insufficient, damaged, or missing altogether.  Properly insulating your attic is often the most cost effective way to save energy and reduce your heating and cooling cost.  

Floor Insulation

One of the most neglected areas of a home are often the crawlspace. Many homes floor systems are missing insulation, damaged from rodents or pets, and most often are not even insulated at all. Insulating your floor can drastically improve the comfort level of a home and reduce energy loss.

Wall Insulation

Multiple options are available for this type of application.  Often times your homes siding can be removed with no trace of insulating. Some times it is necessary to drill & fill wall cavities in the exterior walls of your home. This can be a very effective way to lower your utility bills, reduce noise, and add comfort to your home.

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